Over 25 years of designing and installing radon and VOC resistant RRNC systems, large and small, for new residential, commercial, and public projects.

All RRNC (radon resistant new construction) systems designed and installed by Cascade Radon, Inc. are guaranteed to reduce average, long-term indoor radon levels to 2.0 pCi/L or less.

Services Provided
  • System Design, CAD Drawings, and Specifications
  • System Installation
  • Project Consulting and Oversight
  • Post-Construction Testing
  • Post-Construction System Adjustments (even if initially installed by others)
Why RRNC Construction?
  • Code Compliant
  • HUD Compliant: Design and installation by an EPA certified radon professional is required by HUD
  • Reduced Liability: Most architects, general contractors, and developers’ liability insurance does not cover radon design or installation
  • Cost Effective and Energy Efficient: Properly designed and installed RRNC systems can work passively, eliminating the long-term energy costs of a fan-driven "active" system
  • Real Estate: Comfort knowing a new home is EPA/RRNC Certified and the work performed and guaranteed by a proven industry leader
  • Eliminates post-construction retrofit systems 

Proven Record
Every RRNC system we have designed and installed over the past 25 years has worked passively, effectively keeping average, long-term radon levels below 2.0 pCi/L without the need for an active, continuously running electric exhaust fan.
Do it Right the First Time
There is a significant difference between designing and installing an RRNC system per the minimum code requirements, and installing a system that actually works (per EPA standards).

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